Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 INR in 2019-Review

Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 INR in 2019-Review

Till few years back the specifications of fitness band  were limited. But now a days they evolved into more feature-rich gadgets aimed at a wider range of audience. Fitness band has almost taken over the market of smartwatches and the reasons are cheap price and the varieties. The main motive of a fitness band is to track your day to day activities like the distance you walked, calories you burned, time you slept. Most of the band even can track the heart rate of the user.
Mainly fitness bands were made for gym freaks but after the introduction of other handy features, other people also like to wear it. The demands of these bands are so high that often the best fitness band on online shops are out of stock.
Here we are mentioning top 10 fitness band you can have under 2000 INR

Best Fitness Band Under 2000 INR

1.Mi Band 3

It has a big touch screen of 0.78 inches. The touchscreen which is black and white, can be used to switch between the different specs of this band. To select the option on screen, a small round engraving is at the bottom(not a physical button).You will receive calls, messages and other mobile apps after connecting this band to Smartphone.
The heart rate sensor is at the back . At some given intervals, the weather can set the automatic heart rate tracking.
It claims to have a battery life of 20 days. The strap (of soft silicon materials) feels comfortable. These features made this band the best fitness band of 2019 under Rs 2000/-

2.Noise Colour fit Fitness band

This band is the entry level product by this manufacturer and has a wide range of fitness wears.  It comes with various colours option like green, blue, pink and black. The strap is made of soft silicon material just like Mi Band 3. The main compartment of the band can be detached from the strap (like Mi Band 3). A  USB type A is attached to this band for charging and can directly popped into any mobile charger adaptor without the cable. The multicoloured display (0.96 inches) looks good in sunlight.
At backside it has sensors like heart rate, blood pressure, and o2 level. You won’t find the BP & O2 level sensors in other brands. It has three watch faces that can be modified. The battery life is 7 days and this is a lack.
With all these features this band definitely is one of the best fitness band under 2000 INR.

3. Smart Fitness Band, Holyhigh 115Plus

With a OLED display of 0.96 inches, the screen is coloured and comes with a small button to make a selection on screen like Mi Band 2. It is available in various colour combos and has a sporty look. It consists a USB type  which means you need no additional charger.It has a heart rate sensor at the back and you can also enable the automatic heart rate sensor for continuous monitoring of heart rates at regular breaks. The pedometer it has, helps to count the steps you walked. It also has sleep monitor which can tell the amount of sleep you had.
You will receive calls, messages and other third party apps after connecting this band to Smartphone. It also supports the “lift wrist to wake up” feature.  Without touching the phone, you can click photos from the phone as this band is capable to act as remote camera shutter. The battery life is average, which is of a week.

4.GOQii Fitness Tracker

It is a type of startup idea that monitors your healthcare activities like heart rate, walking distance etc and uploads to their server. For help regarding the nutrition and other health related issues, a team of affiliate coaches and physicians are there. They send you the feedback after monitoring your activities.
After buying it you will have a 3 months free subscription in order to use their personal healthcare related services. 
It has a big Led screen that shows the time, other healthcare activities and other app’s like email, call, messages ect. To help you set your goals, it has a pedometer and calories counter. It has an inbuilt USB type charger, so you don’t need any additional charger. The battery life is around 5 days.

5. Bingo Smart Band/Bracelet F-4

The round shaped band  comes with a coloured touch screen display.  The strap is made of soft silicon materials with two colour combinations.It has inbuilt heart rate sensor and a BP monitoring sensor which gives the exact result an actual BP and heart rate measuring device gives. You can connect it to your mobile and can use call, notifications and messages. The battery life is around two days. It also has water-resistance feature. It can resist the water splashes. It is not water proof.
These specs made it the best fitness band under 2000.

Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 INR in 2019-Review Top 5 Best Fitness Band Under 2000 INR in 2019-Review Reviewed by fitness thrive on May 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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