Chest Workout For Men-10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle

Chest Workout For Men-10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle-At Home

Chest Workout For Men-10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle

Chest Workout For Men

Workout in gym for chestGetting a toned and strong chest is not easier without going to the gym, yet if you follow few steps along with a healthy diet, you can achieve your chest goal. There’s an entire treasure trove full of exercise moves to be uncovered to blast the chest that can sculpt your pecs and push your upper body training days to the next level.
Contrary to the popular belief, the key to a good chest does not involve a gym routine, fancy machines or tough routine. What it does involve are dedication, sincerity, hard work and a
that you can practice at home, with the only equipment being your body weight. Now that we’ve got that off our chest, we hope we’ve motivated you to begin never-say-die attitude.
There are many exercise for the chest working on yourself in your own home. Most of these workouts are some form of push-ups.
Here are some moves you can perform to have a toned exercise chest.

#Best Chest Workout List

1.Single Leg Push Up:

This is the most important push up as well as challenging so be sure to push yourself to get the most out of each repetition.
Start this move on your hands and toes with your feet spread to shoulder width or wider and lift one foot so that it is hovering off the ground, then complete each repetition as you would a traditional push up. The wider you set your feet the harder the push up will be as it will shift more weight to one arm. Switch which foot is up and repeat for the same amount of time or repetitions.
This move strengthens muscle of the chest, shoulders, arms, and trunk. Maintaining proper trunk position while raising 1 leg, makes this an excellent trunk stabilizing exercise.

2.Wide Push Up:

Place your hands wider than shoulder-distance apart which is about one and a half times as wide; keep your fingers pointing forward. Extend your legs fully behind you and tuck the balls of your feet into the floor. Tighten your core and keep your back flat, your butt squeezed.
This move targets your chest, triceps and front shoulder muscles. It emphasizes these muscle groups differently.

3.Staggered Hand Push Up:

Place one hand by your waist with your fingers facing towards your feet keeping the elbow tucked to your ribs. The other hand should be next to your face with your fingers pointing towards the nose and that elbow pointing up and away from the direction of the fingers. Keep the shoulders and hips as flat to the floor as you can. 
It targets your chest in a unique way and also puts some extra torque n your core muscles forcing them to do more work to keep your body inline.

4.Tricep Push Up: 

Start in a plank position with the arms and body straight, shoulders over the wrists. Keep the core engaged. Now bend the elbows behind you and lower your chest to the floor. Straighten the arms, coming back to the starting position.
It is another push up variation that loads more weight onto the shoulder and triceps when pushing back up. It works on shoulders, triceps, serratus anterior and upper back.

5.Side Push Up:

Lay on your side and place the arm closest to the floor around your waist and the other arm in front of your chest with your hand flat on the floor with your fingers pointing up inline with your body. Press into your hand hinging at your hip lifting your shoulders up off the floor. Come up on your hands and knees rather than your hip.
It works on your shoulder, chest, triceps, biceps, back, core, quads and glutes.

Along with these moves you need to have low fat foods and also you need to drink lots of water throughout the day
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