How To Take Care Yourself During Pregnancy - The Fitness Thrive

How To Take Care Yourself  During Pregnancy - The Fitness Thrive

Being pregnant is the most blissful state of mind. During this time when are awaiting the arrival of your precious bundle of happiness and you can hardly wait to hold your baby in your arms, you have to have a healthy physic and mind. But before everything you must take proper pregnancy care to ensure both your baby and you in the best of health before the happy day comes. 
Follow the below mentioned tips:

Take Care Yourself  During Pregnancy

Take Care Yourself  During Pregnancy

Workout Daily:

If you want a smooth pregnancy with minimum complications, keeping the health good is a must to look out.  Walk daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Do yoga after consulting to your doctor. Stretching your limbs every hour will keep your joints and muscles supple. You can exercise to ease the growing pressure on your back, pelvis and bladder, towards the later stages of pregnancy. But do not do overrexercise. Do not lift weight or run on treadmill.

Eat Healthy Food:

Follow the diet chart given by your doctor. Eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables to get all the must-need vitamins, calcium, protein, minerals and carbohydrate. Since whatever you eat affects your baby’s nutrition, your diet must be balanced well.  Use antibacterial soap to wash your hands. Keep away from excess oil, alcohol, sugar, salt and fried foods. Do not smoke as well.

Take Your Medicines, Follow Your Doctor:

Some women face iron and vitamin deficiency during their pregnancy. This can affect the health of the baby and also lead to pregnancy complications at a later date. You doctor will prescribe appropriate medication to alleviate these deficiencies.  Take them as instructed and follow up the food supplements which will be approved by the doctor.  Be careful about taking herbal medicines and other potions recommended by the elderly members of your family. This is the best time to consume foods which are approved by the doctor.

Keep Your Place Clean:

During this time you can’t afford illness. It will impact your baby’s health as well as it will make your pregnancy a lot more difficult than it is already.  Infection is a common thing during this time so take steps to prevent illness for as long as you can. Use Dettol antibacterial soap during the day to wash your hands. At night, you can use Dettol multi-use wipes handy and use them every time you touch surfaces other have touched like doorknobs and TV remote.

Keep Antiseptic And Antibacterial Cleaners:

This step is t be taken in preparation for the arrival of the child and it should be taken from the very start. Adults of your house can manage the not-so-clean environment but the baby can’t do so at least for up to one year as they will be delicate and will catch infections from germs and bacteria very easily. Hence, stock up on cleaning liquids like Dettol Multi-Use hygiene liquid, Dettol healthy kitchen gel, Dettol multi-use wipes and Dettol hand sanitiser that kill up to 99.99% germs. You can also install a air purifier in your baby’s room as an added safety measure.
Apart from these, remember to keep water beside your bed at night. Apart from you, your family members will also have to be very careful specially your partner. Cherish these period and it’s each moment by staying healthy.

Take Care Yourself  During Pregnancy

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