The 7 Best Fitness And Diet Tips For Men

Fitness and Diet Tips For Men
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7 Best Fitness And Diet Tips For Men

Nearly 3 out of every 4 men either overweight or obese and 50 percent of men do not engage in vigorous leisure-time physical activity for more than 10 minutes, according to U.S CDCP (Centers of  Disease Control and prevention.

A recent study in the Journal of  Nutrition Education and Behavior found that fathers have a major impact on kid’s food choices.

Let’s end the relationship with the pizza and a little less time on the couch. Let these simple yet very effective tips motivate you to fuel your body with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

1.Vary Your Fitness Routine:

Alternate your exercise activities to stay motivated to workout- variety is good for both the mind and body. Your body can get used to the same thing if it’s done over and over again.To keep your body guessing, combine different types of fitness exercises like mix up a cardio workout as running with strength training, yoga and martial arts, or vary your tempo within any one activity through interval training.

2.Find  A Fitness Partner:

If you need extra motivation to stick with your fitness and diet plans, do not do alone, find a buddy who is just like you or need the same escape like you. Not only does working out with a friend keep you both focused on fitness, it also adds an edge of competition, especially if you pick up a workout friend who is a bit more experienced and will make you feel challenged. Yu will work harder to keep up and match your fitness goals.

3.Read Nutrition Labels:

Reading package labels is a must to keep from sabotaging a healthy diet with oversized portions and unhealthy ingredients in processed foods. A lot of the time there are 3 to 4 serving per package, not just 1. Avoid foods with trans fats and limit sugars, less than 7 grams per serving is good. Look for high fiber foods that contain more than 3 grams of fiber per serving. The more fresh food you add to your diet, the easier it is to ensure that you ar getting essential daily nutrients.

4.Fitness And Diet Tips For Men Cook Simple:

When you are following a healthy diet and you are cooking at home, make sure your preparation methods are also healthy. Bake, grill and steam foods instead of breading and deep-frying. Cook with healthy fats such as olive or canola oil instead of butter, and season with fresh or dried herbs, not salt.

5.Develop Strength Training Exercise:

Strength training is a main part of any fitness plan, both for variety and to build calorie-burning muscle. You do not have to lift weights or spend hours at the gym, you can tone your muscles at home or at office just a few minutes at a time. Push-ups are great for working the chest, triceps and shoulders. Squads and lunges are effective too because they work multiple muscles and are easy to add to any fitness routine.

6.Stick With Simple Cardio Exercises:

Cardio gets your heart rate up and burns of calories. Running provides a great cardio workout. If you are a beginner, start out slowly by alternating walking and running intervals. You can also burn calories throughout the whole day by standing up more at work, taking the stairs instead of the elevators, and walk to office if it is not too far. Walk at a brisk pace whenever possible.

7.Add New Foods To Your Diet, Eat More Fruits And Veggies:

Adding new and unusual tastes to your meals helps you to stay interested in eating right and ensure that you are getting a wide variety of nutrients. If you eat only a narrow range of food, even which are good for health, you could become deficient in some vitamins and minerals, that can lower energy level. Experiment with exotic fruits and veggies and different types of whole grains.

Also find simple ways to fit in more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat less meat. To improve your diet include bulking up sandwiches with tomatoes and fresh greens, topping whole-wheat pasta steamed seasonal veggies and slicing fruits into your morning cup of yogurt or bowl of cereal.

To have a proper healthy body, you have to have these in your daily life and above all you need to give yourself a little bit of more time. After all your body will direct you the whole day or ca I say the whole lfe.
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