The 7 Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

The 7 Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Knee pain is commonly found in people after the age of 35. Some researches show that about one-third of all adults experience knee pain every month. It is a condition that can be caused by short term or long term problems.  Many short term knee problems do not require doctors to get cured. You can cure it at your own home by following few steps.
Here we are discussing about some home methods that can cure your knee pain.

The 7 Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

Home Remedies for Knee Pain

1.Physical Activity:

Workouts can delay one of the main causes of knee pain, development of osteoarthritis (OA).  Physical activity boosts the health of cartilage tissues whether you have OA or not. Workouts also strengthen the way your body supports the joints. People with knee pain can benefit from activities such as water aerobics as it puts little strain on the knees. Strengthening the upper leg muscles- the quadriceps muscles- through exercise can help to protect the knee joint.  Here are some ways to strengthen these muscles:
Strengthen and raise a leg while sitting or lying.
Place one foot up on a stair, then the other, stepping down again and repeat.
Stand on a chair and then stand up and repeat this for a minute.
Hold a chair and squat until the kneecaps cover the toes. Do it 10 to 12 times.

2.Posture and Support:

Measures that can help to reduce knee strain include:
Avoid low chairs and couches.
Sit on a pillow or raise your sitting level.
Wear supportive shoes and avoid broken arches.
Don’t sit too long, move after moments. Sitting down for too long can cause stiffed and painful joints.

3.Weight Loss and  Diet:

Over weight people have a higher risk of knee pain. Carrying extra weight gives the joints more work to do. Extra weight increases inflammation throughout the body and the knees are affected. Well eating along with a healthy diet helps a lot.
Have fruits, vegetables and foods with rich fiber. Have foods with low fat, animal fat and other fat.


These should be done in a seated position with the knees pointing forward and the feet flat on the ground.
Loosely closing the hands into fists, tap the upper, lower and middle thigh 10 times with both hands. Repeat 3 times.
Sitting with the feet flat on the floor, place the heel of the hand on top of the thigh and glide it as far as the knee, then release. Repeat 5 times. Do the same for the inner and outer sides of the thigh.
Press 4 fingers into the knee tissue and move up and down 5 times. Repeat this all around the knee.
Place the palm of the hand on top of the thigh, glide it down the thigh, over the knee and back up the outer thigh.

5.Aromatherapy Preparation:

Messaging with an oil that contains ginger and orange improve pain and function in knees with moderate to severe pain due to osteoarthritis. Researchers found that applying an ointment containing cinnamon, ginger, mastic and sesame oil had a similar effect on pain, stiffness and motion as using salicylate ointment.
A range of essential ointments are available online.

6.Heat And Cold:

Heat and cold can be effective in treating pain in the lower back, and it has been recommended to ease joint pain that results from arthritis.
Heat relaxes muscles and it also improves lubrication, leading to a reduction in stiffness. Use a hot water bottle or a warm pad.
Ice wrapped in a cloth reduces pain, inflammation and swelling.


Living in a pleasant climate might make pain psychologically easier. It may also provide easier opportunities to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Researchers found that, rather than weather itself – sensitivity to weather in older people with osteoarthritis may affect how they experience knee pain.
People with higher anxiety levels were more likely to report weather sensitivity, and those with higher levels of sensitivity were more likely to report increased pain, especially with damp or rainy and cold weather.
Just manage few minutes daily and hook up with these movements and followings. Move whenever you get time whether you are at home or in office.

So Here is Our Top 7 Home Remedies for Knee Pain Hope You all Enjoy This Article Thank You.

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