The Top 10 Good Habits That You Should Follow Daily To Stay Fit and Healthy

The Top 10 Good Habits That You Should Follow Daily To Stay Fit and Healthy

Good Habits To Stay Fit and Healthy

To gain a healthy and fit body, you can’t expect any accident.  Whatever activities you do to maintain your health, it is only through repetition that you will reach to your goals.  Running for a marathon once a year will provide you with a boost of endrophins , at best at least. At worst, an injury. On the other hand, if you run or jog for 30 minutes several in a week, will do miracles for your quality of life and health.
Here we are discussing some the habits which will help you to stay fit. 

1.Eat Slow:

From childhood we are reading this habit that we should chew properly and eat slowly, not fast. For each step up in speed, BMI increased by 2.8%. If you eat slow, your mind will get a chance to process that your body is full. By eating slow, you digest better. You can lose or maintain weight more quickly. Eating fast  will make your digestion suffer.

2.Eat Lots of Vegetables and Fruits:

Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals along with fibre. A diet high with veggies and fruits can protct you from cancer, diabetes and heart disease. You should have fruits in your breakfast.  When you shop for fruits and vegetables, try to take varieties of them so that you can get the most nutrients.

3.Burn Calories

Activities which can help you to burn calories, are cycling, stair mastering, swimming etc. If you do cycling for around 15 km, you will burn almost 680 calories. Stairmaster will get your 614 calories burned. 15 minutes/mile Walking will burn 341 calories.50 yards/min of swimming will burn 545 calories.

4. Sleep Good:

Do not stay awake late at night. Go to bed 30 minutes early and sleep for at least 8 hours. A lack of sleep typically results in poor memory, low energy, changing personality. If you are not sleep, try to read a book or magazine. This will surely help you to get a sleep. A proper sleep will make you fresh next morning.

5.Drink Water- at Least 8 Glasses:

Water is the most accessible liquid, yet we do not drink it throughout the day, That’s only going to make you tired and low on energy.
Water helps to keep you body temperature normal. It is an important part of fluid that is needed by each cell to work. It helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients, making them more accessible to the body. It is also essential for the kidneys to function.

6.Eat Junk Food Rarely:

Junk food is an easy choice now a days from 8 to 80. It tastes good but  tray to eat it occasionally.  Instead of filling up on sugar and processed food, nourish your body with other sweet treats. Fats from junk food accumulate over the time in your body to make you obese. The more you gain weight, the higher your risk of suffering from heart attack.

7.Get Rid of Negative Habits:

If you drink and smoke excessively, it’s time to stop and probably you know this. Bad habits are always going to ne exactly like that- bad for your health. Quitting at once is difficult, at least tray to make the level lower or take these occasionally. It will not take time before you feel happier, active and healthier version of yourself.

8.Do Some adventures:

Going to an unknown places or outside your are automatically will make you feel happier and fresh. Make time from your busy schedule and leave your homes quite a while. You will get a much-needed breather and have so much joy from seeing the new.

9.Sit with Family:

Family is where we get most of the happiness from. Make time to get with your family members, have discussions about your plans, have a laugh at small jokes, make jokes because laughing can cure many negativities. It will make you fresh and happy. 

10.Workout Everyday:

To do a workout its not must that you go to gym. If you give 20 to 30 minutes everyday, there are lots of workouts you can do at home. You can do push-up, body weight squat, hip raise, side plank and many more. You do not need any equipments for these. Workout everyday will help you to burn fats, stay healthy and happy.
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